In addition to the material on the submissions website, below are some useful links to resources and materials in Australia and overseas

Materials on the Exposure Draft HRAD Bill

Please visit the Attorney-General's Department website via this link to download copies of the exposure draft HRAD Bill and explanatory materials.

Federal Legislation and Guidelines

Commonwealth Government related websites and reports

State and Territory Equal Opportunity Legislation

State and Territory Equal Opportunity Commissions

United Kingdom - Links

South Africa – Links

Canada – Links

Useful Empirical Studies and Other Resources

  • An Equality Act for A Fairer Victoria – Equal Opportunity Review Final Report (June 2008)

The final report from the review of Victoria’s equal opportunity legislation by former public advocate Julian Gardner, commissioned by former Attorney-General Rob Hulls. The Equal Opportunity Act 2010 (Vic) was enacted in response to this report.

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  • Equal Rights Trust

The Equal Rights Trust (ERT) is an advocacy organisation, resource centre and a think tank, and focuses on the complex and complementary relationship between different types of discrimination, developing strategies for translating the principles of equality into practice. The website contains the International Declaration of Principles on Equality (see below) and a useful virtual library of academic and other written works as well as the ERT journal “Equal Rights Review”.

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  • The Declaration of Principles on Equality

The Declaration of Principles on Equality was launched in October 2008 and has 128 original signatories. Since then Equal Rights Trust has campaigned for its universal recognition. ERT aims to achieve the widest possible dissemination of the Declaration and is calling for endorsements from individuals and organisations who want to publicly state their recognition.

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  • The Equality Trust

The Equality Trust web site was created by the authors of “The Spirit Level: Why more equal societies almost always do better” and advocates to develop a campaign website based on the evidence contained in the book. It contains a repository of resources and publications which support the case for more equal societies and robust legal frameworks.

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  • Vichealth Research into Discrimination

Vichealth has undertaken extensive work into the health consequences of ethnic and race based discrimination and published a number of useful resources on this topic.

“Ethnic and Race Based Discrimination as a Determinant of Mental Health and Wellbeing" is a summary of the latest research on the occurrence and health consequences of ethnic and race based discrimination.

“Freedom from Discrimination – More than Tolerance” is a report into discrimination affecting migrant and refugee communities in Victoria, its health consequences, community attitudes and solutions

“Building on our strengths: a framework to reduce race-based discrimination and support diversity in Victoria” is an evidence informed framework to guide future practice, programs and policies to address race-based discrimination and promote diversity.

  • Equality and Diversity Forum

This Equality and Diversity Forum is a UK based national network of equality and human rights organisations. This website brings together a wide range of equality and human rights information and resources provided by EDF and other organisations.

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  • INTERIGHTS - International Centre for the legal protection of human rights – Equality Programme

INTERIGHTS Equality Programme, in conjunction with its regional programmes, aims to assist with the elaboration of stronger international and regional jurisprudence in respect of key principles of equality. The website contains information on litigation and campaigns conducted by the Centre as well as an extensive library of resources.

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  • INTERIGHTS - International Centre for the legal protection of human rights – Non-Discrimination in International Law Handbook  

INTERIGHTS has released its 2011 edition of the Non-Discrimination in International Law Handbook, which provides an overview of international human rights developments in the areas of non-discrimination and equality.  The Handbook contains information about international law principles, concepts and instruments, key legal standards in international equality protection, and procedural and evidential issues involved in claiming discrimination.

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